“What of Christ and Culture” The Conference 2015

DaVinci Bahnsen Conference

The days are ripe with turmoil and tragedy. It would be easy to interpret the faith through despair and regret.  But is that the call of Jesus? Fear and trembling? The United States has entered into a difficult time in regard to the Christian faith.  Many feel an oppression building; a change in the wind and waves of history.  That might be true.

A generation ago Greg Bahnsen asked, “By what standard”. Francis Schaeffer asked, “How should we then live?” Most Christians find themselves still grappling with those questions. Some say there’s nothing for the Christian to do. Some say prayer and fasting as we dwell in exile. Some say speak truth to power while some say that the Gospel demands an active Christian participation.

Assembling many of the world’s finest Christian scholars on the issues of faith and culture this conference will take seriously the call to every Christian to be “Always Ready” with an answer to everyone that asks.  To what kind of a faith and practice are we called by Christ who has overcome the world? Is our hope and faith only for the world to come?

Speakers and Topics Include:

Thursday Evening October 22nd:

“Understanding and Debating Atheism” (a live debate)- Sye TenBruggencate, (Absolute Apologetics)

“Understanding Evangelism and Culture” – Jeff Durbin (Apologia Radio)

Friday, October 23rd:

“Understanding Cornelius Van Til” – K. Scott Oliphint Ph.D Professor of Apologetics and Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary

“Understanding Gary North” Joel McDurmon Ph.D (American Vision)

“Understanding R.J. Rushdoony” Mark Rushdoony (Chalcedon)

“Understanding Greg Bahnsen” – Kenneth Samples, PhD (Reasons to Believe)

“Understanding Gordon H. Clark” – E. Calvin Beisner, PhD (The Cornwall Alliance)

“Understanding Meredith Kline” – Lee Irons M.Div, Ph.D (The Upper Register)

“Understanding Art & Culture” Lindsay Brooks (MI, Apologetics.com)

“Understanding Francis Schaeffer” Christopher Neiswonger JD, MA (World Vision International, apologetics.com, Branch of Hope OPC)

Saturday October 24th:

Morning Sessions: Homeschooling methods, practices and success

“Understanding C.S. Lewis and “Great Books” Education”– Donald McConnell JD (Rivendell Sanctuary, Trinity Law School)

“Understanding the Pastoral Consequence of Faith and Culture” – Pastor Paul Viggiano (Branch of Hope OPC)

“Understanding Faith, Family and Education” – Kevin Swanson (Generations with Vision)

Panel Discussion with Swanson, McDurmon, McConnell, Viggiano and Neiswonger on contemporary and future issues for the church.

Panel Discussions and subsidiary lectures:

“Understanding de-christianization by law – A history of the United States Supreme Court”

“Understanding Obergefell v. Hodges – The legal and ecclesial consequences gay marriage”

“Understanding the place of the moral law in informing the Christian social conscience”

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