The normal context for faith and conversion other than the gospel itself…

The normal context for faith and conversion, the most common means that God uses other than the preaching of the gospel itself, is to have Christian parents that take their children to church.

This method blows away every system, ministry, evangelism program, all conferences, youth groups, home schools, counseling, co-ops and and strategic impulses.

This is an important truth, God generally saves his people within familial lines and this is why there are billions of Christians alive today from the tiny church of 2000 years ago.

So in all that you can do, don’t fail to do this because it is powerful and effective.

Raise your Christian children in the fear of the Lord and within the normal and ordinary means of grace.

Let them know they are Christian and being raised to be Christians.

That this is a good thing and that they are part of a faith and practice that has been carried down from parents to children for thousands of years.

Salvation is by grace alone through faith and faith comes through hearing the gospel. Faith, simply, is believing the person and work of Jesus Christ but the hearing generally happens within the church in history.

Let them know that you are in a covenantal relationship with God and that all of the blessings and duties thereof are given to them and apply to them.

Let them know no other childhood than being a child of God – and this will be a blessing more powerful than perhaps any other in this life or the next.

Because God is neither slow nor ever late in the salvation of our children and will do all his holy will

but generally through normal and obvious ways.

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