In Christ Beloved

I am, in Christ, beloved.

Outside of Christ I would be but an object of God’s wrath (rightfully so). My only hope is in that Mediator of the New Covenant, the Lord Jesus Christ, and His righteousness. I’ll be clear, that’s what keeps me “going” most days. Over the last few, I have been alarmingly troubled by the propensity of my heart toward cold thoughts of the God Whom I should be serving. I am increasingly plagued by my thoughts, words, and deeds which are diametrically opposed to the holy, perfect, and good Law of God.

In years before coming to where I presently stand concerning my “belief system” (i.e. the Reformed faith) I recall being more troubled by times like these than comforted. However, now, knowing that such mindfulness of one’s own sin is a gift from the Lord, I confess my gratefulness for such melancholy. Such experiences are a testimony to what Hebrews 12 calls the chastening of the Lord. I can take comfort in the truth that because I am a Son of God, and not a bastard, that His correction and conviction is intended to drive me ever and always to dependence upon Him alone.

You see, it is *not* one’s own personal assurance that they are “saved” which saves a person. It is *not* said person’s *own* faith that saves them, either. It is, rather, the Lord Jesus Christ and His work on behalf/in the stead of said person which saves a man. Even the faith, an empty instrument through which God brings us to Himself, is itself a gift from God. Ergo, I take comfort not in my feelings, and I certainly trust not in my works, nor do I look at my sins and find myself without hope. I trust in the imputed righteousness, that alien righteousness that’s not my own, of the Lord Jesus Christ, Whose work was accepted by God as if it were my work! As if I had obeyed the Law! As if God looks upon me as a righteous man…for I am robe in the righteousness of Christ.
Genesis 3:21 “Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.”
Christian, take no heart in your feeble mind or feelings. Give thanks to God Who saves to the uttermost all those Who call upon Him in Christ, for it is in Him, and Him only, that you are beloved.

3 thoughts on “In Christ Beloved

  1. Thank God for the humility to realize it isn’t about how good we are or how hard we work that makes us saved and forgiven


  2. Your post of today is one more way God is talking to me lately.Thank you so much for letting God speak so openly to all of us. Grazie.


  3. Very well and thoughtfullly said. Nothing in my hands I bring, it is all of Grace. It is the back-bone of the New Covenant of both Jew and Gentile.


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