Ten things that liberals do when taking control of theologically conservative institutions

There’s an upside to having attended a liberal seminary (Fuller Theological Seminary). At least, we understand what liberal theology is and the ways it can be disguised to make such palatable to the every day believing Christian.

Liberal Theology is not immediately attractive to Christians, so theological liberals generally gain power and advantage through subversion and practical wisdom.

Pay special attention to these methods of gaining Christian support for heterodoxy in a denominational setting:

1. The shift of decision making power to a central governing authority.

2. The moving of the money from local control to centralized control by a federal governing entity.

3. The doctrine of God being reframed in terms of his unknowability at the cost of his self revelation in the person of Christ and holy scripture.

4. The doctrine of the Bible being restated in terms of its human characteristics and limitations.

5. The magnification of the human office holders beyond biblical bounds.

6. Church communications being presented in needlessly complex or professional language inaccessible to the laity and the uneducated.

7. Love and compassion being leveraged into a general passivity toward known sins.

8. The nullification of the historic theology and ethics of the church through the prioritization of outreach or evangelism.

9. The corruption of church courts and due process by the introduction of persons uninclined or incapable of defending the historic faith.

10. Resistance toward or a distancing from the historic standards, creeds and confessions of the church.