Worry and anxiety arises from doubt

I’ll tell you a secret. A lot of people’s worry and anxiety arises from a doubt.. a deep down and unstated doubt that God is really on their side; that he intends to bless them. They may be a Christian, have faith, do the faithful things, have a great deal of evidence that he is […]

What is a “Presbyterian”?

Everybody’s not a “Presbyterian”. Presbyterianism is a form of church government where the leadership are required to be elected by the congregation they serve and all congregations are related in accountability to other churches. As such there are no “independent” churches and also no popes. I think it’s in the Bible but a lot of […]

The yearly reading of “A Christmas Carol”…

The yearly reading of “A Christmas Carol”… A necessary corrective to the myriad Christianities of self indulgence that swirl around us like so many bees, buzzing and stinging, “More of this and of that! Personal peace and power – in this life!” So easily Jesus can become a mere vehicle of our own successes; the […]

The highest murder rate in history

I was watching the news today and the murder rate is the highest it’s ever been. Some cities have open war in the streets with the gangs. There’s little the police can do and the public officials have no interest in stemming the tide. This kind of thing has happened many times before in history; […]

When you say you’re celebrating Reformation Day aren’t you REALLY just celebrating Halloween?

“When you say you’re celebrating Reformation Day aren’t you REALLY just celebrating Halloween?” Answer: No. Really not. I’m not even Catholic. I don’t feel any duty to give a sacrificial offering of foods to the dead or the saints, or the spiritual forces of darkness in order to secure my personal safety. “Some people are […]