The Weapons of Righteousness

With the weapons of righteousness for the right hand and for the left.– 2 Corinthians 6:7 There are weapons of righteousness for each of our hands. The phrase, “weapons of righteousness,” sometimes translated as, “armor of righteousness,” has been interpreted many ways, from the plausible to the ludicrous. These weapons are often linked to our […]

When Pressing on Means Giving Up

I could hear the voices whispering, “Persevere, Don’t give up, You need to press on.” The only problem was I was fairly certain these were the voices of the enemy. I was torn because persistence is something to honor. A sense of despondency and joy burned within me at the thought of giving up several […]

Our Quiet Times Are Rarely As They Appear

Reblogged from The Fight of Faith If someone were to walk by, they would see a man at rest on the Lord’s day. He is sitting on the front porch soaking up the sun on a beautiful spring day. The birds are singing, and a pleasant breeze is blowing. His posture is relaxed, and in […]

Touching Dust and Deity

“Whether we are a very complicated but arbitrary string of molecules that occurred by accident and for no reason, or something wonderful and worthy of honor and mutual respect somehow touching both the dust and deity, are mutually exclusive positions that can bear no middle ground and predetermine the life and thought of the one […]

Christology, Human Rights & Our stunning disregard for human life

Christology, Human Rights And Abortion

The Council of Chalcedon had immediate implications upon man’s conception of man, as less than divine, but more than mere matter in motion. If we are star dust, we are of no consequence; if we divine, we have no reasonable limitations. If we touch the Godhead we are capable of glory; if we are but dust we have need of great graces.  (click the link)