“A Kingdom of minimal significance come”

The reason that the Hymns hold such a powerful and necessary place in the worship and life of the church is that like the liturgy (and yes every church has a liturgy) they serve as institutional memory and preserve faith and practice otherwise prone to the natural forgetfulness of a church advancing through generations. Recently […]

Kendrec McDade is just as important as Trayvon Martin

I knew Kendrec McDade. Kendrec lived two doors down from our home in Azusa. He came by when his little sister came to play with our kids. I can tell you honestly that he was a very nice boy. He was quiet and respectful and a bit of a hero around the neighborhood; he was the kid the other kids aspired to be. He wanted to go to law school. He was the son of a loving mother; the apple of his mother’s eye. I feel compelled to write because of the shabby way this young man is being treated in the press, and because we need to remember a few things about his death that are being largely ignored.