The Virtues of Revenge

There’s a deep theology of vengeance taught in sacred scripture. “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord” is famous enough but the prohibition against our little revenges are just awkward. It’s hard to teach our kids to not take revenge because people will treat them badly and we want to protect them, to teach them to […]

A 4th of July Testimony of Presbyterian Resolve

WE might underestimate how deeply American Presbyterianism was indelibly impressed by the American Revolution. Just as much, Presbyterianism was a defining characteristic of the War for Independence. At the time Walpole addressing the British Parliament, said “There is no crying about it. Cousin America has run off with a Presbyterian parson and that is the end […]

So what does “Christian counseling” entail?

Well it’s not the same as secular counseling but since secular counseling is usually framed in the traditional shell of Christian counseling there will be similarity. Christian counseling is the response to an emotional crisis serious enough to cause a disruption in life, behavior or relationships. Counseling isn’t reducible to just getting together to talk […]

How Should We Then Live

New Audio from Christopher Neiswonger on Radio: “How Should We Then Live?” (click link) “Many years ago, Francis Schaeffer had the role of both prophet and poet to the evangelical world. Easily the most influential evangelical of the last century, he combined and uncommon understanding of the times with a spiritual insight into the […]