The 5 Emotional Stages of a VBS Volunteer

It is that time of year again. Excited teams of Vacation Bible School volunteers are lining up to put on a meaningful week of ministry for kids. What many do not realize is, like the five stages of grief, there are emotional stages to working VBS, and we do not want you to be caught […]

When Pressing on Means Giving Up

I could hear the voices whispering, “Persevere, Don’t give up, You need to press on.” The only problem was I was fairly certain these were the voices of the enemy. I was torn because persistence is something to honor. A sense of despondency and joy burned within me at the thought of giving up several […]

It Could All Fall Apart, and That’s Ok

Originally posted at The Fight of Faith Blog There is something about me that always wants to be in control. If I am sick, I want to outlearn the disease and overcome it. If relationships start to fail, I want to be able to charm them back to life. We all want to be in control. […]

Hope is a troublesome virtue

Hope is a troublesome virtue in that it tends to run squarely against human experience, but that’s what makes it hope. There are many virtues corresponded to the ultimate fulfillment of human flourishing, the greatest of these being “love”.  “Faith” of course is the first among the theological virtues, faith being the source of the […]