The Fortification of Sin

I have found that my natural bent is to excuse my sins, not confess them. Rather than mortifying them, I spend my best efforts fortifying them. They appear to me as precious darlings, to be protected from the harsh looks of my Father. “He just doesn’t understand, you see. He doesn’t want you to have […]

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Understanding the Sermon on the Mount

I am currently teaching through the Sermon on the Mount.  The lessons are being uploaded weekly at the Bethel Grace Baptist Church website.   I am using Martyn Lloyd Jones’ book, Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, if you would like to follow along.  Some of the topics we will be covering include… Matt 5:1-4 – Introduction […]

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Hope is a troublesome virtue

Hope is a troublesome virtue in that it tends to run squarely against human experience, but that’s what makes it hope. There are many virtues corresponded to the ultimate fulfillment of human flourishing, the greatest of these being “love”.  “Faith” of course is the first among the theological virtues, faith being the source of the […]

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Four Ways Incense Typifies Prayer

May my prayer be set before you like incense. – Psalm 141:2 All throughout the Old Testament we see incense playing an important role in the way God prescribed that the people should worship Him.  In fact, even in the Holy place there was an altar of incence.  Now the ceremonies of the old covenant […]

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On beginning the study of Philosophy

Hi G*****, I wouldn’t think that my list of favorites would be helpful toward a serious study of Philosophy as an established discipline.  My suggestion is to read the classics.  Still, read the really “Classic classics” and not just a general assortment of old works; that method tends to develop incoherent thinking. Remember that academic […]

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