On God, Logic, and Propositions

I found the following quote quite important and thought I would pass it along… “Although some biblical scholars (and some evangelicals) scorn the concept of propositional revelation “as an imposition of rationalistic encumbrances upon the discussion of Scripture,” no true knowledge of God is possible apart from a rational, logical verbal revelation. Not only is […]

Truth These Days Seems Up For Grabs

Truth these days seems up for grabs, When at God Word they take their jabs. The truth of God, it will not fail Though so many against it rail. They will someday, bear the shock When they stand before the God they mock “How can we know” is their battle cry Ignorance is bliss, is […]

Postmodern Pilgrims – Critical Book Review

The Purpose of the Book In the book Postmodern Pilgrims by Leonard Sweet, the author sets out to discuss the nature of the postmodern culture and how the Church should respond. Sweet feels that there has been such a dramatic shift in the culture that if the Church does not change the way it does things, […]