Legal Writing Competition on Human Rights

Attention all Law Students: Trinity Law School is hosting a legal writing competition on the topic of “A Christian’s Response to Human Rights.” —————————————————— From the Trinity Law School Website Writing Competition The Center for Human Rights invites the submission of scholarly papers. Topic Scholarly papers must address the issue of “A Christian’s Response to […]

What is Justice?

Is justice relative to the individual or will of the community, or is there actually a place where justice is grounded?  In this short clip Dean Donald McConnell of Trinity Law School gives a few thoughts. 

On the “News” and the Ninth Commandment

I grimace at the “news” lately, when I actually take the time to read it. Most of said “news” is really no news at all but tantalizing exploitations of others’ faults and failures. There is no question that when public leaders (including Pastors and Presidents, etc.) have gone astray in public matters that affect the […]

Christianity, The Church, and Government

Why is it that many Christians who decry Christian political involvement (read Tony Campolo types) because power and politics are tools of Satan, then go on to argue for government solutions to global warming and health care? Do they really want Satan and his tools cooling our plannet and running our health care? Perhaps a more […]

Gay Marriage: The Equality Diversion

Proponents of homosexual marriage are quick to argue that marriage is a right, and anything less than gay marriage is inequality under the law, but are they right? Since we agree on the first statement we will not spend time defending it, but instead we will focus our attention on the last statement, which argues […]