How Much Hate Does it Take to Call Someone a Hater?

This is a short look at how some people are redefining the word “hate” and how this new definition is really self-refuting.  The reality is that there are those who hate on both sides of the issue, but it may just be that this redefinition of “hate” is an expression of hate itself.

The Mighty Breaker – Charles Spurgeon

“There brake He the arrows of the bow, the shield, and the sword, and the battle.” –Psalm 76:3 Our Redeemer’s glorious cry of “It is finished,” was the death-knell of all the adversaries of His people, the breaking of “the bow and the battle.” Behold the hero of Golgotha using His cross as an anvil, […]

A Christmas Poem: Hope Shone Forth From an Infant Child

Hope shone forth from an infant child. In the manger that cold dark night In humility, God himself appeared mild. Yet His plan moved forth in all its might. Salvation to humanity was born The angels could not help but sing This Infant Child would bear our scorn This newborn Sovereign King. Helpless was mankind […]