The Fortification of Sin

I have found that my natural bent is to excuse my sins, not confess them. Rather than mortifying them, I spend my best efforts fortifying them. They appear to me as precious darlings, to be protected from the harsh looks of my Father. “He just doesn’t understand, you see. He doesn’t want you to have […]

Does the Reformation Still Matter?

Reformation Day 2011: Does the Reformation Still Matter? Click here to hear the Radio show,“Does the Reformation Still Matter?” With Special Guests: Lane Chaplin of “Rightly Divided”, Doug Eaton of “Bethel Grace Baptist Church of Bellflower California”, Pastor Arthur Andrews of “Hephatha Lutheran Church” of Anaheim, Pastor Kent Moorlach of “Communion Presbyterian Church” of […]

The Summer Movie Reviews Show!

The Summer Movie Reviews Show! With Candace Jackson, Lindsay Brooks and Christopher Neiswonger The stories that a person loves says a lot about them. Christians of course have their own peculiar view of the world, and that manifests itself in the arts as much as in the things we might think of as “religious”. […]

Eschatology: The End of the World

A treatment of the basic ideas, systems, hermeneutics and history of the end of the world in Christian thought. Special guests the Reverend Kent Moorlach of Communion Presbyterian Church of Irvine, CA and Doug Eaton of Bethel Grace Baptist Church of Bellflower CA, join host Christopher Neiswonger on a trip to the end and back again.