What is Justice?

Is justice relative to the individual or will of the community, or is there actually a place where justice is grounded?  In this short clip Dean Donald McConnell of Trinity Law School gives a few thoughts. 

Christianity, The Church, and Government

Why is it that many Christians who decry Christian political involvement (read Tony Campolo types) because power and politics are tools of Satan, then go on to argue for government solutions to global warming and health care? Do they really want Satan and his tools cooling our plannet and running our health care? Perhaps a more balanced approach is needed. 

Should Christians be involved in government?  Isn’t Christ our hope not politics? Is any influence of Christian thought on the state a violation of the separation of church and state?  In this episode of Apologetics.com radio, Dean Donald McConnell of Trinity Law School, Doug Eaton, and Lane Chaplin discuss several questions that pertain to the Christian’s role in government and the governments role in Christianity.


This show can also be downloaded for free as a podcast in itunes. Simply search for apologetics.com in the itunes store.

Ten Keys to Evangelical Political Involvement (Donald McConnell)

Here is another video from the God and Governing Conference hosted by Trinity Law School.

Gay Marriage: The Equality Diversion

Proponents of homosexual marriage are quick to argue that marriage is a right, and anything less than gay marriage is inequality under the law, but are they right? Since we agree on the first statement we will not spend time defending it, but instead we will focus our attention on the last statement, which argues that homosexuals are being denied a right to marry and are being treated unequally under the law.

To address this equality issue, we will simply ask and answer two questions; do homosexual people have the right to marry, and are they being denied that right? Homosexuals do have the right and should have the right to marry, and they have not, and are not, being denied that right. There is no law that says they cannot find someone of the opposite sex and marry them if they desire to do so. They are treated equally under the law.

Marriage is the union of one man and one woman, which is the basic building block of a family. There has never been a time when a homosexual has been denied this right, and pointing this out simply exposes the fact that equality is not the issue. What this is really about is a radically new definition of marriage. So the next time someone argues that homosexuals are looking for “equality for all,” lovingly remind them that they already have it, and that what they really want is something else.

If you are in California, vote yes on proposition 8

Doug Eaton

For a deeper legal analysis, here is an earlier post by Dean Donald McConnell of Trinity Law School…


Crucial Issues for Christians Seminar Lectures (MP3)

Below are the MP3 downloads of the lectures from the Crucial Issues for Christians Seminar presented by Trinity Law School and Trinity Graduate School. These lectures can be downloaded by right-clicking the link and selecting, “save target as.”
Abortion, Euthanasia, and Embryonic Stem Cell Research – Donald McConnell
The New Atheism – Christopher Neiswonger
Aesthetics and the Christian – Lindsay Brooks
Postmodernism and the Emergent Church – Doug Eaton


Crucial Issues for Christians Seminar

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Below is a flyer for an event put on by Trinity Law School, Trinity Graduate School, and The First Southern Baptist Church of Downey.

Topics include:

– The Sanctity of Life
– The New Atheism
– Aesthetics and the Christian
– Postmodernism and the Emergent Church

Click the link below for the flyer and full information.

Crucial Issues for Christians (Free Event) pdf


***Updated 7/23/08***

The lectures for this seminar can now be downloaded here.