An Evaluation of the “Old School” Church: Learning from the Catechumenate

Recently I was studying for a class in which I had the privilege of exploring the spiritual lives of those in the process of demonstrating their devotion to Christ in the first four centuries of the Mediterranean Church’s existence. This process of the assimilation of new devotees to Christ that resulted in their baptism, which […]

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Read Them & They’ll Read You.

Doctrine is most important. It is important because it informs our practice. It is important because it teaches us about God. It is important because we derive it from God’s most Holy Word. Many folks know doctrine well. Many folks can opine about the finer points of all things theological. Waxing eloquent, many are able […]

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John Owen on Images

From The Glory of Christ: In this way Roman Catholics are deceived. They delight outwardly in images of Christ depicting his sufferings, resurrection and glory. By these images they think their love for him grows more and more strong. But no man-made image can truly represent the person of Christ and his glory. Only the […]

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T.U.L.I.P.-Had Enough of It Yet?

To folllow is yet another synopsis of T.U.L.I.P., just in case you haven’t ever read about it before. Cough… Having previously written about the Total Depravity of man, it wouldn’t be conducive to rehash the doctrine in all its detail. However, we will touch briefly on some points that may have been vaguely made then. […]

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The Gospel

First things first. We need to talk about the term gospel, define what we mean by its usage, and then measure our definition with gospel’s biblical denotation. In a time where everyone has his own relative definition and belief of any and all, it is indeed important to have an absolute, biblical definition of gospel. […]

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Let Your Sins Be Strong

God, be merciful to me, the sinner!’ Luke 18:13 One of the tendencies we can often fall into is trying to minimize our sin. We look at wrongs we have done and do everything we can to try and justify our actions, but this is not taking full ownership of our sins. Many times, as […]

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