Ten Keys to Evangelical Political Involvement (Donald McConnell)

Here is another video from the God and Governing Conference hosted by Trinity Law School.

Sustaining Freedom – Os Guinness

Here is a lecture given by Os Guinness at Trinity Law School’s God and Governing Conference.

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Crucial Issues for Christians Seminar

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Below is a flyer for an event put on by Trinity Law School, Trinity Graduate School, and The First Southern Baptist Church of Downey.

Topics include:

– The Sanctity of Life
– The New Atheism
– Aesthetics and the Christian
– Postmodernism and the Emergent Church

Click the link below for the flyer and full information.

Crucial Issues for Christians (Free Event) pdf


***Updated 7/23/08***

The lectures for this seminar can now be downloaded here.

Law and Theology Lectures (Video and MP3)

Trinity Law School has begun to post a few lectures and is planning on adding more soon. Most of them are on youtube but they are starting to add the MP3 downloads for these lectures also.

You can find the first few at the Trinity Lectures page.

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Democracy and Aristocracy – Peter Kreeft

Trinity Law School has uploaded a new lecture from their lecture series entitled C.S. Lewis and the Law.  If you want to view the entire lecture go to http://www.youtube.com/user/TrinityLawSchool and click on “play all” in the playlists.

A Look at the California Ruling on Homeschooling

This video is of Dean of Trinity Law School, Donald McConnell discussing the recent ruling by the California appellate judges against homeschooling parents. Visit www.hslda.org to sign a petition to have this opinion depublished.


The Vision of A Christian Law School

 A short look at the work that is going on at Trinity Law School.


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