Countdown to Obamageddon

Very interesting post from Archbishop Cranmer on the coming (tomorrow?) US presidential election: And when the blind awake from their messianic foray into the comforting world of distorting mirrors, they will realise that Obama is a fiction, a figment of their imagination. But it will be too late to avert disaster, for Obamageddon shall be […]

Semper Reformanda

An interesting post over at Between the Trees on the battle cry of the Reformation–what it means, and what it does not mean. The core is: To reform in the way we ought to desire it is always to draw closer to Scripture, to let it rather than anything else dictate to us our understanding […]

John Piper on N.T. Wright

To go along with the recent show about N.T. Wright and the New Perspective on Paul, I thought I’d note that John Piper has recently written a book entitled, “The Future of Justification: A response to N.T. Wright,” which is available to read for free online. In writing the book, Piper had a chance […]

Christian mysticism and the Church

Growing up in a traditional Lutheran church did little for my love of the hymns of the church, even though we sung them every week. The simple reason for this is that hymns take work. In their poetic lines and stanzas is found the theology of the Church, things that cannot easily be summed up […]

Supernaturalism. Really? Absolutely.

That the Bible teaches a supernatural view of the universe is beyond question. One need simply open a Bible and read it. It is almost not worth stating, and yet it is absolutely necessary that Christians today insist on a supernatural view of the universe. Having just gone through one of the hard sciences in […]