Roe v. Wade is overturned. The worst law in American history comes an end.

Roe v. Wade is overturned. The worst law in American history comes an end.

This is hope for the country.

This does not make us not guilty.

But there is a pathway to forgiveness.

First is to stop committing the offense. There might be regret or sorrow but without change there is no true repentance.

Second is confessing that what you’ve done is wrong. Admitting that God is right and we were against him.

Third is amendment, acting to mitigate the harm and heal the offended party.

God forgives but his forgiveness generally follows this kind of pathway.

Here, it could be that God would have laid his heavy hand upon the entire nation for the sake of the 63 million children. He is a good God and is patient and slow to anger, but not lax.

Frankly, maybe he already has and that’s what we’ve been suffering the last years.

But that means now we have hope and the opportunity for forgiveness and restoration.

For blessing.

Perhaps in concert with this great day there should be national days of fasting and prayers of thanksgiving and repentance.

Perhaps the churches should take time for recognition of God’s great mercy on us in this.

Hope for the world.

Lord have mercy.


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