The Christian and their children in the world’s school of faith

Homeschooling isn’t just an educational thing, though it is that at least.

There’s also the educational temperament, the social teaching of the day, the culture of negativity and anger, the delusion that there are no fixed biological traits that manifest themselves as gender, the aggression toward historic Christian thought, the reinterpretations and false tellings of history, the bias against the United States of America (which is pretty weird considering it’s where live), the moral pressure upon children to accept and champion immoral, unnatural and self destructive practices, the purposeful intent of the state to produce a socialistic, morally ambiguous, emotional, revolutionary citizen.

But of course most of it just has to do with Christ and him crucified.

As in any civilization there is a system for the preparation of children for adulthood and ours includes caging our children within institutions whose intent is the destruction of their faith in Christ and the loss of their immortal soul.

My children will be very educated persons, they will know a lot, they will be practically trained and be able to do a lot of things. They will have read great works and fathomed the great mysteries, the arts and sciences, the histories and thinkers but God forbid they should end up at Princeton or Harvard, Oxford or MIT. I would consider myself a failure as a parent and as an educator were my children to fail their way in to one of these churches of pagan ingenuity.

But the money! The position! The power! Their future! The influence they might have over future generations! “You can say what you’d like but your children will still be working for the kids that graduate from Harvard and Yale.” And that might be true. To be clear, my God given role as their parent is not to make sure they have powerful positions of influence and make a lot of money. It is to cultivate in them first, faith in Jesus Christ and second, love for their neighbor. After that we need to be very comfortable letting God decide what earthly glory is best.

That they be Christians is the primary mark of successful Christian parenting. If I give that up to make sure they are successful in the world I have given up the most important thing. If I give them over to these petty and artificial institutions we’ve created, the school, the university, the corporation, the union and they do not persevere in Christ how can I say I’ve done all I could do?

If these institutions define themselves by godlessness and have in mind to transform my child into a citizen of the world rather than a citizen of heaven they are at war with me and I with them.

If you train and prepare your child for life and then give them over to the priests of Baal for four years of intensive reprogramming the odds are that Baal will win that fight. Their shaping and influence over your child in the most malleable time of their lives is well organized and generally successful. God’s plan for giving you children was not so they could given over to his enemies.

If they manage to survive that ordeal by the grace of God will they survive their marriage to the unbelieving or nominally Christian spouse they find there? Will they survive the drugs, the sexual promiscuity and the culture of death all around? That city, that community of the modern university can full well destroy a child without them ever entering a classroom.

All of this is not against education. Our children should be the best educated in any given society. But how, when and where to do this is a matter of serious import.

The Christian faith lives within the context of a divinely created community and the world has no intention to protect your interests.

You must protect your own.


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