The highest murder rate in history

I was watching the news today and the murder rate is the highest it’s ever been. Some cities have open war in the streets with the gangs. There’s little the police can do and the public officials have no interest in stemming the tide.

This kind of thing has happened many times before in history; this slow, painful descent into madness by a civilization. It doesn’t usually occur in a Christianized cultural setting, not because the gospel is universally believed but because the laws of God bring order into every pagan civilizational context.

With Christ comes peace and grace and hope but also comes with him order, law and justice. For those of you that are interested in social justice the Christian version of that thing would include not getting robbed and murdered in the streets by roving bands of criminals.

Where is the justice for the victims?

But in this, God has provided a path, a framework, a way of providing peace and safety in this world distinguishable from the next.

Those that reduce the message of the Bible to salvation and the end of the world are missing a good 80%.

First, when God says you shall not murder he always gives provision for the response to any given violation. These laws are not.. for Christians; they are for all human beings. Unless you think (as some weird theological interpretations do) that laws against murder, rape, adultery and others apply only to the people of God.

Does God not care what other people do?

Are they not created in his image and so bound by his laws?

As his laws apply to all so do his punishments.

His prescribed responses to crimes are a meaningful part of his rules against the crimes themselves. That murderers die is the appropriate response to that murderers kill and he has no other reasonable method.

You could think of it like this, every prison you build, every probation, every parole, release for good behavior and time served concurrently is a flagrant disregard for the sovereignty and justice of the God you serve.

Any resistance to his penalty of death is a resistance to his gift of life.

Any hatred of his laws is a distaste for his gospel.

And the refusal by a civilization to apply the laws of God in the courts will inevitably lead to the blood of the innocent in their streets.

So when you see the streets run red with blood and murder on every corner remember that this is what it looks like when the Christian will not have Christ as Lord over all of life.

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