The Biden Mandate is unconstitutional and immoral

I have no problem with vaccinations as a means of controlling or preventing communicable disease.

The Biden mandate is both unconstitutional and immoral as a threat to the citizen’s fundamental right to the pursuit of life, liberty and property, the maintenance of which is the justifiable purpose for the existence of the government itself.

Biden is right out of a comic book.

But oppression, criminal violations of the civil rights of we the people and the tendency toward the United States becoming a totalitarian state are no laughing matter.

You have the freedom to do what your conscience demands before God.

If we lose that we lose everything.


One thought on “The Biden Mandate is unconstitutional and immoral

  1. Actually, the mandate isn’t unconstitutional or anything. It’s just a man saying he’s mandating. It’s the same as a neighbor telling everyone they must get a shot. He can say that. Nothing unconstitutional. Freedom of speech and all. But it has no force of law. The U.S. Constitution would never approve, the words explaining our freedoms. Biden is an empty suit, but for some reason, people and companies follow along, never thinking for themselves. The masks were markers to see how easy we are to push, and we follow. Sheep going “Baaaahh….” **It’s our neighbors who can’t think for themselves, that voted for an empty suit.


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