Truth and it’s Consequences


Everything is an illusion.
Nothing is what it seems to be.



Things are pretty much exactly what they seem to be.

Even nature is a testimony to the intelligence and providential care of our creator.

In the end, everything makes sense and will be reconciled before the bar of divine reason.

There is right and wrong, there is good and evil.

In him, all things live and move and have their being.

All things were created by him, through him and for him.

God works out all things for the good of those that love him, that are called according to his purpose.

Everything has a meaning.

Everything has a purpose.


Evolution makes sense only if you start with the magical propensity of random matter to arrange itself into orderly structures and create intelligent life from the void; magic is at the center of it, occult powers and the god of darkness, space and time.

In it, intelligent, sentient moral beings are the effect of some magical occult properties of matter; such that if you leave a universe alone long enough, people will pop out of them.

The alchemists called this seer’s stone “science” but we all know it as pagan religion in rationalist robes.

Powers, attractions, repulsions, energies. Nothing terms to hide an invincible ignorance.

In the end, we all worship the creator or the creation. It’s a choice we make, the consequence of which is vast. We’re either something or nothing, meaningful or meaningless, the sons of God or of the stars.

But everyone has to give an account of their own existence, right?


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