The prosecution of John MacArthur and Grace Community Church

If they come and put Pastors in jail because they are preaching the Gospel without permission – Pastors are going to need to go to jail.

A lot of folks seem to think they signed up to be prominent, respected members of society with moral authority and high standing in the community. Jesus never saw that. Paul never saw that. Peter never saw that. Polycarp, Justin and Athanasius never saw that.

Some folks might have thought it was all gonna be a walk in the park. An endless series of handshakes and smiles with an occasional after church potluck.

Now they know the world means business.

Now they know it’s not all fun and games.

Now John Macarthur is 83 and he’s going to have to suffer our shame for us because we would not stand fast in the face of oppression.

Yes, there is someone being oppressed and abused and right now it is the church.

By inference also the Christian that wants to worship their God in peace but is instead wrapped up in the political war between parties and political rivals.

Respectfully, the state cannot encommandeer the church for the purpose of law enforcement.

It’s not our job

It’s not their right.

They might have the intent to enforce the laws they create but they can’t make the church do it for them. If they tell people to not get together to worship their God (for whatever reason) it’s their job to enforce it. If they can’t enforce it, or don’t want to enforce it because they don’t have the courage to face the political consequences of their own commands, expecting us to chase the people away and lock our doors to help them out is simple piracy.

One thing about Covid is that it is scientifically measurable. We can tell who gets it, where they got it, and generally who they got it from.

Don’t we believe in tracing?

As such there are no magical transmissions or fairy infections. Nobody just “gets” it without an identifiable cause.

If anyone had gotten the disease at the recent meetings of Grace Community Church we would know it by now; so what we know is that no one got it. No one.

Not even one person?

Bummer for the lockdown?

Therefore to hold them criminally liable for the violation of a prohibition on meeting that caused no harm nor even an endangerment to the community is a sheer act of blind power without regard for truth or reason.

Usually we don’t punish people before they’ve harmed someone or at least shown the intent to harm.

So much for justice


2 thoughts on “The prosecution of John MacArthur and Grace Community Church

  1. Wow. I read this, and stumbled over your obvious right-wing rhetoric. I didn’t realize in reading other articles here that herodians ruled. But, I’m gone. I’ll not be back. John MacArthur is a false teacher, he has imputed the personal sins of politicians upon those who thought they had done a good job overall. But he supports obvious sinners in office whose sins have shamed the faith once for all delivered unto the saints, without being humble according to his own professed standards; both in print and broadcast.
    So, I’ll see you in heaven but won’t read another word of yours nor recommend your christiantheology website. But so what, right? Who am I?


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