Reject the narrative that the government has the authority to close the churches

Reject the narrative that the the governments have the authority to close the churches, or to deny the right of the people to assemble as churches.

A mere emergency does not nullify the Bill of Rights.

Those of my friends that collapsed from historic conservatism to being Statists in mere moments should think long about how easily they folded their long held convictions. All it required was a little fear and a war of words.

Now, as we move toward the goal of reopening the country more and more conservatives (less liberals) are moving toward the fundamental truth that the amount of risk that an American citizen is willing to bear in the exercise of their constitutionally protected freedoms is not measured by bureaucracies but personal wisdom.

We have the right to decide the level of danger we bear, in order to increase our well being. We are a free people and let us never be reduced to statist servitude. We believe in freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and freedom of contract. A free market, a few economy and freedom of contract.

Remember what this feels like.

As the food reserves grow short and the lines grow long remember that the states closed the farms, the processing plants, the transportation, and that they thought food magically appeared from the air instead of through the hard work and diligence of we the people. Supply lines require the constant vigilance of thoughtful people that plan long in advance toward the successful realization of their goals. That’s what makes them productive persons. The state can’t match the ingenuity of a single motivated person.

Let’s move forward, carefully, but quickly, before all is lost, because bad people are quick to take advantage of our national suffering so that we might serve them.

And a Christian, if they can manage it should be free. Free from bondage, free from fear, and free from the entanglements of an autocratic state. Free from oppression, free from violence, and free to worship their God in spirit and in truth, according to the measure of holy scripture and good conscience.


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