A veterans day reflection on the revival of communism in the United States.

A veterans day reflection on the revival of communism in the United States.
Socialism cannot be Christianized. Communism cannot be baptized. It is irredeemably pagan in its philosophy and practice. Marxism should be viewed by the church as a religious heresy as much as Pelagianism and Unitarianism.
In God’s system, he intergenerationally draws worldly wealth, land ownership and social stability away from the faithless and toward his people. They bless the earth through obedience to his laws, mutual support and edification, Christian kindness, charity and fair dealing in business which manifests itself in low rates of crime, psychological stability (through the avoidance of drug use, wanton sexual relationship, perversion, disease, parental neglect and pagan spiritualites) so that the entire community grows in strength and godliness through time.
Communism by contrast is a system created for the purpose (in the guise of scientific progress and natural evolutionary development) of the rise of the godless and social control by the reprobate. The natural laws tend always toward the honest, the hard worker, the studier, the faithful and true rising while the lazy, the infidel, the liar, the drunkard, the philanderer, the compromiser, the thief and weak-minded fail.
Godliness leads to strength and peace, ungodliness to chains and servitude; but communism and socialism fight back, taking advantage of the fog of scientism and secularism to raise their station and take hold of the reigns of power. Because they have no center though, they will kill anyone, or everyone, destroy anything or everything, to gain such power.
In every Communist revolution, there is the coronation of a King, and that King, their royal family, and the Lords of the Party, rule with an iron fist.
Finally, communism is in its maturity is an absolute monarchy by other names.
In every system there is a King and a law. Best that God be their King and the people rule themselves under his greater rule.
Best that the laws be the laws of God.
There is no other safety; no other safe place.
“The name of the Lord is a strong tower;
The righteous run to it and are safe.”
Proverbs 18:10

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