On the creation of the universe and the inevitable making of coffee

It only takes a few minutes to create a universe and everything in it.

I mean, I can’t do it, but if anyone can do it, and it is a pretty impressive thing to do, the amount of time should not be a serious issue. People that can create universes should be able to do them pretty quick if they want to.

If anything, He seems to have taken an unusually long amount of time.

We might even think, what was taking so long? What was He doing the rest of the day?

Even today, there isn’t a person on earth that can prove that the universe didn’t begin 5 minutes ago. It just can’t be done. Do you think because you remember 6 minutes ago that is final and conclusive proof that there was a 6 minutes ago? Like you are the way we measure these things, right?

But, what if there were no God? What if nobody ever intended, created or helped the universe to come into existence. Well then maybe Billions of years (because maybe if we just leave things alone for Billions or Trillions of years universes just happen on their own) is the cause. They just cause themselves. From nothing. For no reason. Universes just happen sometimes. There’s no explaining it.

Now really, there does seem to be a universe and we do seem to exist. Even if we don’t really exist that we perceive our non-existence seems a powerful intuition that we do. I would consider it a very complicated mystery; something to think about.

But more, whatever does exist would seem to be in need of more than a just because kind of explanation. I get up this morning and go out to get a cup of coffee and, lo and behold, no coffee. So I sit, and I wait, and I wait, and still no coffee. This is a strange turn of events and I wish I could have waited a few Billion years to see if the coffee would just make itself, but I’ve got to be to church in a little while, and really, they can’t start without me.

So eventually I make the coffee. I might or might not believe in the universe but I desperately believe in coffee.

And that’s the thing about coffee, or… you know… universes; they don’t seem to be the kind of a thing that would just happen unless something or someone wanted them too. There seems to be the demand for a cause behind the cause. The difference between the universe simply sitting there uncaused and non-existing, and it being caused and existing, seems to be, not an infinite series of finite causes, none of which explain the whole series of causes, but the one thing that we know of that can cause something to happen which will not just happen on its own.

A decision.

Followed by an action as an expression of such a decision.

That would seem to be the only rational explanation for universes just happening. As they seem to do. At least once.

So I made the coffee.


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