Thinking about evolution at the DMV

Thinking about evolution, if this is really all that 4.6 billion years of progress can get you – it’s really a failed system any way. I mean, I was born in L.A. It is the petri dish of western civilization. And yet at the end of the day, can I get fresh sushi or a great taco? Well yes but it seems like it should be easier (those of you from the south that go to the Mexican restaurant next to the Hardee’s by the mall and think tacos really aren’t that great I’m talking about something else entirely). I mean if nature were really smart enough to do all of this by itself things should be much better run at this point. The other day I was at the DMV. The lady gave me the form and I filled it out. I waited in line for what seemed to be enough time to develop gills and then at the end of the line this guy told me, “This is the wrong form. You’ve got to go back and do it all over again.” And I raised my voice and shouted, CURSE you evoluuuuutiooon!!!!” (Not really because the security lady looked really gruff and you know how they wait around all day to taze somebody.) But really I think evolution has failed us, as a faith, as a science, as a helpful interpretation of our place in the world. It promises so much – including an explanation of the difference between order and disorder and the hidden non-meaning behind all of the apparently meaningful things that we do. Teleology is exhibited through ontology; what we really do and why we do it says everything about what we really are. What the human being is, created in the image and likeness of God, is awesome, beautiful, purposeful but also fallible, flawed and tragic. There is no category or meaningful place for tragedy in a closed world of cause and effect material relations. There is no good, there is no evil, there is certainly no explanation for mediocre tacos and the ongoing ordeal of the DMV. These things require a more subtle philosophy.


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