My brief review of the Noah film by Darren Aronofsky

A film is just a sermon by other means; we should care which God it preaches, what gospel it teaches, what story it tells.

When the atheist says it we call it sin, when the pastor says it we call it heresy, when the filmmaker says it we call it art.

We live in a culture flooded with fictions, fat with imaginations.

Is there no area of human experience in which we have the integrity to reject the autonomy of human imaginations if not our theology?

When God wrote the scriptures He wrote them in stories. It’s not a mistake. If a preacher or teacher doesn’t tell the story they have not preached or taught the word of God but a “super-scripture” that is shamed by the text.

But if the story told is told differently it is not the story.

If we add to the text we have not told the story.

If take away from the text we have not told the story.

If we lean undue emphasis upon some favored point we have not told the story.

If we cure the story of a weakness we kill it.

It we fix an error in the construction we destroy it.

If we hide something revealed or speculate as to hidden gnostic truths therein we have little left of holy scripture.

The rule is always the same: if we want the sacred scriptures to do their holy work then tell the story.

The story does its own work without us, or in spite of us.

Vain imaginations forced upon the text confuse infidelity with a supposed creative genius. Can’t we tell the difference between those two?

Our only muse is the Holy Spirit

My brief review of the Noah film by Darren Aronofsky: it’s a misrepresentation of the God of the Bible, impugning the theology and righteousness of a great Christian man. I love Noah as a faithful man that I will soon meet and my heart is grieved to see his character maligned. His prophetic ministry is being paganized for mere carnal entertainments. It’s demoralizing, contributes to the dilution of Christian purity, increases general ignorance of the sacred scriptures and distorts the conscience of the unlearned. Paying money to increase the fortunes of the notoriously anti-Christian creators seems like adding injury to the insult.



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