Pilgrim’s Progress Chapter 8 Discussion Questions


Questions for Chapter 8

-pp. 110-135 in the Revell Spire Edition

-pp. 138-167 in the Moody Classic Edition

-pp. 119-137 in Pilgrims Progress in TodayEnglish

-pp. 135-165 Barbour and Company. 1985


1.  What were some of the sights the shepherds showed the pilgrims in the Delectable Mountains?


2.  Why does Ignorance think he will be accepted at the gate of the celestial city?


3. What is the story of Little-faith, and what do we learn from it?


4.  Faint-heart, Mis-trust and Guilt are described as powerful.  Who were some of the Biblical examples that Bunyan gives who where injured by them?


5.  What warning does Christian gives us about desiring to meet our enemies, and what two things must we do if we do meet them?


6.  Why did Christian and Hopeful not recognize Flatterer, and what does this teach us?


7.  What were some of Atheists arguments to Christian and Hopeful?


8.  The Enchanted Ground had air that makes pilgrims drowsy, what situations in life have this effect on us?


9.  How do the pilgrims keep from falling asleep?   What does this look like in the Christian life?


10.  What aspects of Hopeful’s conversion do you find interesting and/or encouraging?




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