Is Christ King Over Church and State?

That Jesus Christ is the head of the Church is a forgone conclusion in Christian thought, but is He head of the State? If He is head of the State is He the head of all of them or only some? Is He indeed King of the Universe or only the King of our hearts? Perhaps He is the King of all creation, of all things in Heaven and Earth…


My Kingdom For A Horse

One thought on “Is Christ King Over Church and State?

  1. He is indeed king over all, and it misses the point to particularize as to church or state or whatever. That means ALL THINGS in their timing, occurrence, development, etc., are directed surely and unfailingly toward HIS ends, not ours! We don’t tell him what it must look like for him to “take his power and begin to reign”! Rev. 11:17-18

    The babe in the womb is no less real, just because it has not yet undergone the cataclysm of its manifestation in birth. In every which way he could, Jesus showed that the Kingdom of God is within exactly as such a babe developing in the womb, and that the all-comprehensive power of Who He Is would manifest in its own time. She who is his true mother understands this, and the Birth will manifest not only Who He Is, but who his true mother is as well. Lk. 8:21, Rev. 12


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