Pilgrim’s Progress Chapter 5 Discussion Questions


ImageQuestions for Chapter 5

-pp. 58-78 in the Revell Spire Edition

-pp. 74-96 in the Moody Classic Edition

-pp. 66-86 in Pilgrim’s Progress in Today’s English

-pp. 71-95 Barbour and Company. 1985


1.  Why does Faithful say Pliable is now seven times worse than before?  What passage of Scripture does this allude to?

2.  Who is Adam the First, and what are the names of his children?  What doctrine is Bunyan talking about here? 

3.  Why do you think Bunyan portrays Moses as beating faithful, and what saved faithful from death?

4.  What friends are dishonored by going through the Valley of Humiliation?  What was Faithful’s response?

5.  What were some of Shame’s arguments against faithful, and where do you hear these today?

6.  What does it mean that Talkative was more comely [attractive] at a distance than up close?

7.  Talkative says many true things, what then is the problem with him?  Do you ever have to guard your own heart from being like that?

8.  What are some of the ways Faithful says the work of grace is discovered in the life of a person?

9.  When Talkative is exposed as a hypocrite, what is his response to Faithful, and do you ever see this type of response happen to Christians today?

10.  Christian commends Faithful for talking so plainly with Talkative and laments that it rarely happens.  Do you think this is still true and why?

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