Pilgrim’s Progress Chapter 1 Discussion Questions

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I am currently teaching a class through Pilgrim’s Progress at Bethel Grace Baptist Church.   Each week the class will read a chapter and answer the provided questions.  I will be posting the questions here for those who would like to read along.

Discussion Questions for Chapter 1 

1. What is the book Christian has in his hand?

2. What is the burden that Christian is carrying, and have you ever felt this burden?   If so, what did it feel like?

3. Christian reads the book and prays, but still has the burden on his back.  How is this possible?

4. Pliable has no burden on his back yet still follows Christian.  Why would someone do this, and have you ever run across people like this?  What kind of “churches” appeal to people like this?

5. What do you think the “Slough of Despond” represents?

6. Mr. Worldly Wiseman does not like the fact that Christian was reading the Bible.  To what place and to whom does he direct Christian?

 What false view of salvation does this represent?*

7. Read Heb. 10:38 – How does this verse fit with Christian trying to remove his burden with morality and the law.

8. Do you ever find yourself trying to find relief for the conviction of sin in trying to be moral rather than laying it all on Christ?  What do you do in those times?

9. Worldly Wiseman is a false teacher, and Evangelist gives Christian three reasons to abhor him.  What are they and do they still apply to false teachers today?

10. When Christian is grieved by his sin of listening to Worldly Wiseman, Evangelist tells him is sin is very great.   How is this different than what you may hear in many churches today?

God Bless,


*Question # 6 was taken from Maureen Bradley’s book The Pilgrim’s Progress Study Guide.

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