How Should We Then Live

New Audio from Christopher Neiswonger on Radio: “How Should We Then Live?” (click link)

“Many years ago, Francis Schaeffer had the role of both prophet and poet to the evangelical world. Easily the most influential evangelical of the last century, he combined and uncommon understanding of the times with a spiritual insight into the condition of the human soul.

In speaking to the culture the idea that the Christian was living outside of the realm of civic responsibility was something he sued as dangerous and frightening in it’s probable consequence. A world without the ethical leadership of the Christian church was a world without the influence of Jesus in cultural norms.

And thus he provided a way to both bless the world and the church through the same instrumental graces by saying that the God of the Bible is both there, and not silent in any sphere, discipline or subject.

The God Who Is There is vibrantly interested in every molecule in the universe, and says to all of them that they are his.

Christopher Neiswonger and guest Larry Jones”

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