Understanding the Sermon on the Mount

SermonOnTheMountI am currently teaching through the Sermon on the Mount.  The lessons are being uploaded weekly at the Bethel Grace Baptist Church website.   I am using Martyn Lloyd Jones’ book, Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, if you would like to follow along.  Some of the topics we will be covering include…

Matt 5:1-4 – Introduction to the sermon on the Mount

Matt. 5:5-11 – Beatitudes

Matt. 5:13-16 – Salt and Light

Matt. 5:17-20 – Christ and the Law

Matt. 5:21-26 – Christ on Anger

Matt. 5:27-32 – Christ on Lust

Matt. 5:33-37 – Christ on Truthfulness

Matt. 5:38-42 – Turning the Other Cheek

Matt. 5:43-48 – Love Your Enemies

Matt. 6:1-4 and 6:16-18 – Not to be seen by Men

Matt. 6:5-15 – The Lord’s Prayer

Matt. 6:19-24 – Christ on Treasures

Matt. 6:25-34 – Trusting Him for All Our Needs

Matt. 7:1-11 – Do Not Judge / Ask and it Will Be Given

Matt. 7:12-20 – The Narrow Gate / Recognize them by Their Fruit

Matt. 7:21-29 – I Never Knew You / Build Upon the Rock

The class will run through April 2013.

God Bless,


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