The Christian’s hope to change the world

The Christian’s Hope to change the world

Christopher Neiswonger speaks at the Global Centre of World Vision International, the world’s largest international relief and development organization, on the motivations behind Christian international development efforts and why they inevitably succeed. “Christianity” is a complicated thing as far as world religions go. It’s history, the politics of her adherents, empires and opulence are all tied in to the contemporary expressions of faith by those that feel called to be followers of Jesus. Thus trying to live the faith carries with it unintended tensions. Being a Christian might be as easy as faith itself, but how we express that faith in the world is serious business. What should we do? What should we not do? How should we do it? Jesus seemed to presume an inevitable measure of success in changing the world for the better. How does the world change and what does it take to change it and do we have the audacity to Hope?

(click this link to hear the audio presentation)

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