The Avengers: The Earth’s Mightiest Movie

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The yearning to be more than human seems universal; an internal drive to transcend our mere humanity. We’re a culture fascinated by heroes and failures of virtue tangled with god-like powers. How can we save ourselves being that our gods are so small? Are we ready to be little gods with powers beyond imagination? Would we be good at that? There are a lot of gods in this story, and more, many allusions to religion and religious ideology, most of them Christian, but some of them Pagan. Some might complain that there are too many, but here at it’s another opportunity to drive outside our comfort zone, grapple with ultimate questions and seek out a deeper understanding of God, ourselves and the universe. So listen in as the the team give their review of “The Avengers”.

Click here to hear the movie review

Doug TenNapel of, Lindsay Brooks (staff) and Christopher Neiswonger (host)Image

5 thoughts on “The Avengers: The Earth’s Mightiest Movie

  1. the movie is awesome but i have seen a better action movie before it is called battle ship it is a lot f****** better


  2. Thanks Anon,

    Yeah, Battleship was a lot of fun; too bad it didn’t do so well at the box office. 🙂


  3. Were we watching the same movie? Because I watched a movie were a human being, using science, ghetto stomped someone playing god. In the Marvel Universe, gods are just super powerful aliens.

    I know you want to make everything about Jesus, but you honestly can’t think of any other reason why humans would want to improve themselves? I’ll go out on a limb and guess that your life sucks a little more than you want it too. Grow up. If we survive long enough to meet creatures more advanced than us, they’ll probably take offense (war) when you lunatics start calling them demons and try to convert them to your desert religion. They might be smart enough to know that “real” god’s don’t put promised lands in the middle of war torn (oil-less) deserts.


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