The Summer Movie Reviews Show!

The Summer Movie Reviews Show!

With Candace Jackson, Lindsay Brooks and Christopher Neiswonger

The stories that a person loves says a lot about them. Christians of course have their own peculiar view of the world, and that manifests itself in the arts as much as in the things we might think of as “religious”. We are striving for a higher love that manifests itself in the common place toward a view of God, ourselves and the world. In this, popular culture is both active and reactive – both reflecting what we think we are and telling us what we should be. This kind of thing changes, sometimes sharply. Few things can be as cruel as a community that has found some unstable element of culture through which to interpret itself. We tend to speak in terms of “decades” and look back upon “the 70s”, “the 80s”, and “the 90s” as if they were a thousand years ago, when our own little moment in the light is no different. It will pass, and soon, but not without us saying a little something about ourselves in the meantime, generally, through the stories we tell, and the things we do, and say, and what we choose to love. & Aliens

Captain America

Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Harry Potter IV

Green Lantern

Super 8

And much, much more…

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