Weighing the Value of the Institutional Church

Weighing the Value of the Institutional Church

http://www.apologetics.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=626:weighing-the-value-of-the-institutional-church&catid=43:kkla-995-fm-los-angeles&Itemid=74Click link to hear the show!

This show will be a conversation on the nature and identity of the true Church, and the characteristics we might expect. Pastor Kent Moorlach of Communion Presbyterian Church of Irvine and Eric Thomure, Assemblies of God missionary to UCLA will be joining in the discussion. Jesus came to save His Church but of late the Church has found marvelously little value in the institution. The Church seems to be God’s preferred means for everything from preaching to evangelism and those things should make it very important to the Christian. The flaws and foibles of those calling themselves the Church can make it a very easy organization to avoid, and we can make it hard for the uninitiated to find a pleasantness therein to attract them to the fold. Others move Heaven and Earth to bring people in but in so doing abandon due process and theological substance as the price of admission. But if the Church is God’s Church, we might have a vested interest in being a member of that body of which Christ alone is the head.

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