Christopher Neiswonger Speaks at Azusa Pacific University

The Center for Research in Science cordially invites you to celebrate the start of APU’s new academic year by attending our Science, Faith, and Culture lecture series. The 2009-2010 lecture series is entitled, “The Sermon on the Mount and Contemporary Christian Ethics,” reflecting our campus-wide Matthew 5 scriptural theme. The motivation for our focus on ethics is to encourage the audience to consider the way in which we conduct our lives within our chosen disciplines – vocationally and otherwise – in a Christ-like way in our increasingly sociologically and technologically complex world.

Please join us for our inaugural lecture, “The Ethics of God: a Closer Look at Traditional Christian Ethics,” by Christopher Neiswonger from World Vision International, at 6:30pm on Wednesday, September 16th, in Perry Lecture Hall at the brand new Segerstrom Science Center on APU’s West Campus (675 E. Foothill in Azusa).

About the topic: These days everyone is trying to reinvent the wheel. The problem is that so few in our culture remember what the wheel looked like. The old ways have not outlived their significance and Neiswonger would argue that they may be our only hope at an applied ethic that is practical, reasonable, and reconcilable with sacred scripture. Far from being a secondary source in our axiology, revelation seems primary to the very idea of practicing an ethical life. The historic framework has always held two primary commitments: the moral law of God and the cultivation of the traditional Christian virtues. This lecture will take the listener from the existence of God, through the defense of a basic orthodoxy, to the promotion of a healthy spiritual life in faith and practice.

About the speaker: Christopher Neiswonger, JD; Global Centre – World Vision International. Specializing in classical Christian ethics, Christopher Neiswonger has taught and served in many churches over the past twenty years. His personal ethics are echoed in his work on child protection, immigration, and international trademark defense for World Vision International. Neiswonger received his Juris Doctor from Trinity Law School and his Master of Arts degree in Communication and Culture from Trinity Graduate School, and is currently completing an MBA in International Development.

One thought on “Christopher Neiswonger Speaks at Azusa Pacific University

  1. I know that the Christian Reconstructionist is involved in that cause.I have been reading books by Gary Demar,Kenneth Gentry,and others who believe that Christian should take back America for Christ,there are many great Christian who are serving in Government.


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