Christianity, The Church, and Government

Why is it that many Christians who decry Christian political involvement (read Tony Campolo types) because power and politics are tools of Satan, then go on to argue for government solutions to global warming and health care? Do they really want Satan and his tools cooling our plannet and running our health care? Perhaps a more balanced approach is needed. 

Should Christians be involved in government?  Isn’t Christ our hope not politics? Is any influence of Christian thought on the state a violation of the separation of church and state?  In this episode of radio, Dean Donald McConnell of Trinity Law School, Doug Eaton, and Lane Chaplin discuss several questions that pertain to the Christian’s role in government and the governments role in Christianity.

This show can also be downloaded for free as a podcast in itunes. Simply search for in the itunes store.

2 thoughts on “Christianity, The Church, and Government

  1. I stay in shock when ‘christians’ point their self righteous fingers at Government for the cause of the problems we are facing in America. If indeed they were christians, they would know, God’s Promise to Bless a Nation (Malach-3-6-12) was given to Religious Leaders and the Church. Not to a Government! If a Nation Falls, first, the Religious leaders have fallen. Powers and false teachers in the Church are Satans best tools to destroy a Nation. (11Thess-2-3-12)

    (Matthew-25-31-46) Thank God the Government does help to feed the poor, that does help those who are sick with medicaid, that does help clothed and house the poor with welfare. By the WAY, what has the Church, the Storehouse of God tithes and offering done with God’s Tithes and Offering??? (Malachi-3-7-9) Need not tell me, God’s Tithes and Offering are to be used to spread the Gospel, your Faith without Works is dead! (James-2-15) If a sister or brother is naked, and destitute of daily Food, and one of you ‘christians’ say unto them, depart in peace, be warmed and filled, not withstanding you give them not those things needful to the body, what does it profit?? Clean up the Apostate Church before pointing your self righteous fingers at Government, most of them in Government are, or were members of your churches.


  2. Where in the Bible does GOD say there should be separation of Church and State? The Lord said of Himself, I change Not. King David, a man after GOD’s own heart was Appointed by GOD as King to Rule over Israel. Why would christians want non-christians to create Laws of the Land, or, to Rule over the people? We have seen ungodly laws past, such as abortion, that’s murdered millions of unborn babies, why would Christians want More of the Same?


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