Piper, Prophecy, and Providence

So I’ve seen a few people blog about Piper’s “take” on the Tornado hitting the meeting where the ELCA voted to allow homosexual clergy. I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Most people may think me extreme, but it’s neither our duty nor our right to read or interpret Providence. Since I’m lazy, I’m just going to copy and paste a blurb I wrote elsewhere on the matter.

We are not privy to the secret things of the Lord our God. Did he predict this event in Scripture? No. Should we dogmatically presume that what has happened was God’s response as a direct consequence of the ELCA meeting? I don’t think we should. However, here’s what we can agree upon:

1. All negative things that happen in this life (sickness, calamity, disaster, death, etc.) are a consequence of sin. Therefore, there’s at least a general way to say that this, yet another natural disaster, is ultimately due to sin. Adam brought it into the world, and we are good at carrying that torch on as well.

Might God have sent this calamity as a means of shaking up these people? Maybe. That’s not for us to proclaim, cuz we cannot know. I assure you, though, if that’s why God did it, He’ll make it known beyond a shadow of a doubt to those people. God certainly sent this act. But can we really say why? Do we need to? No.

We can rest in knowing that God was pleased to bring it. We can be satisfied with calling what the ELCA is doing as an abomination and sin. But the two do not have to be related (although they may very well be). We can pray that the whole thing be used as a means to bring these people to repentance, but not simply a calamity by itself; rather, a hearing of the Word of God, which is much more powerful than any disaster that occurs.

We needn’t speak where God hasn’t spoken.


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