The Comfort of the Psalms

psalterSometimes it is utter selfishness that drives me to listen to the Psalms, wherein I can groan with David (and the other writers) in my fears and insecurities. Yet, upon hearing the Word of the Triune God sang, and in the process of singing along with the pains of these Old Testament Saints the selfishness cannot stay. I am humbled, convicted, and comforted by the Psalms. Blessed be the Name of the Lord for His Word, by which the Holy Spirit calms my unsettled heart. It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed.

I believe the Lord has given the Psalter not only for His praise, but for our comfort (it being secondary, mind you). It has become cliché to mention how the Psalms contain the whole range of emotions of a man. This, of course is true, but not only does it show each and every possible emotion, it shows us the right way to handle them. The Psalmist will sometimes express a dreadful feeling of melancholy, but then finally conclude the Psalm with an appeal to hoping in God.

This is where I find myself relating to the Psalmist today. I am overwhelmed with melancholy, mostly due to my own sinfulness, and laxity in true Christian piety, etc. Nonetheless, it is the Lord Who brings me to recognition of such deficiency, that I might not hope in myself, but in Him. It is His kindness which leads us to repentance. Listen to the Psalms. They’re good for the soul . . . far superior to Chicken Soup.

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