Is Doctrine Important or Should We Just Follow Christ?

Is doctrine important or should we just focus on following Christ? This is video from Mark Sennett at proclaimhisword. It also features Lane Chaplin and myself.


  1. Dear Christina,
    I agree with most everything you said, however, I read the previous post and saw nothing that indicated the writer to insinuate that the “pursuit of sound doctrine did not Glorify God”.
    That’s all I wanted to say.
    What I got from it was that pursuing sound doctrine was in fact critical and pleasing to God. Paul in about 14-15 of his epistles warns us of the importance of having the right Doctrine, so YES, we are to pursue the right Doctrine. BUT, only according to God Holy Writ.


  2. Dear pastor I am pentecostal by denomination but I am saved by the blood of jesus.Much of what is passed off as a move of God in the pentecostal movement is a move of man rather than God, but to ask for healing is not in error because God can use sickness or health for his glory Romans 8:28


  3. I must agree that doctrine was important to God at Mt. Sinai, the church jn the first century and must be important to the modern day believers or else we are doomed.


  4. Hi,

    I work as a pastor in Sweden and I want to thank you. Doctrine is important for Christ body! One question: Does sound doctrine stand against pentecostal/karismatic movment. I realised, as you said that taht can be to much feelings that can lead wrong. But Bible says that we need Holy Spirit to understand Gods truth in Bible, and Bible says that we can pray for healing. My question: if i pray for healing am I far from sound doctrine?

    Sorry for my bad english,

    Pastor who belive in Bible and the Holy Spirit


  5. Hi Christina,
    I am not sure who’s comments you are responding to but it doesn’t seem to be mine ?

    your comment :
    “to suggest that the pursuit of sound doctrine is not glorifying to God is completely out of step with scripture”.
    My opening words :
    “Very true everyone has a doctrine and it is important that you define your doctrine”
    when did I suggest this ?

    your comment:
    “Just because we are sincere and love Jesus does not mean that is enough”
    My comment:
    “let the holy spirit guide you as you DILIGENTLY MEDITATE ON THE WORD”
    When did I say this was enough ?

    With all due respect, if you go back and read it again you will find that you have missed my point.


  6. Hi Doug,
    I guess I am guilty of getting angry, so please forgive me for that.
    I don’t feel however that I am guilty of pushing my own thoughts down other peoples throats. This is just my account of things that I have experienced first hand. But if you define that as pushing my thoughts down other peoples throats then you are entitled to your opinion.
    When I talk about people pushing their thoughts down other peoples throats I am talking from the experience of certain people from certain doctrines that will not ever agree to disagree. I can except that other people think different to me but I have met so many Christians recently that have such a hard nosed approach to their doctrine that they are willing to argue and let it bring division amongst brothers. These are the people I am referring to and I have observed there tactics as what I would define as puffed up intellectual bullying at times. I don’t link these words to just people who disagree with me but I have no problem linking these words to those people I just mentioned, who happen to disagree with me. I have many good friends that disagree with me on a whole host of things but we don’t beat each other over the head all day and we don’t need to fall out about it. We understand that we have different opinions and that is that.
    Also, I would be very surprised if you didn’t agree that it would be “foolish” if one thought that you could read the bible like any other book ? Maybe you do disagree ? that’s up to you.


  7. Dear Me,

    With all due respect, it appears as if you missed the point.

    Yes, of course there are matters that are not disputable in the Christian faith – the Virgin Birth, the Trinity, the resurrection, etc. However, to suggest that the pursuit of sound doctrine is not glorifying to God is completely out of step with scripture.

    In Titus 2:1 Paul tells Titus ” You must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine.” I won’t write all the verses out but here are just a few that speak to the significance of doctrine: 1 Tim. 4:6; 2 Tim. 4:2-3; Tit. 1:9.

    1 Timothy 6:3-4 states, “If anyone advocates a different doctrine, and does not agree with sound words, those of our Lord Jesus Christ, and with the doctrine conforming to godliness, he is conceited and understands nothing”

    Just because we are sincere and love Jesus does not mean that is enough. Just because we are in fellowship does not mean everything is all good. In Crete believers were in fellowship but were slack in doctrine. There were big-time problems in that church. The Christians needed to be taught. There is a direct correlation between our doctrine and our outward lives. If doctrine is neglected – like it was in Crete, then irresponsible, uncontrolled, and undisciplined lifestyles will follow. Experience, testimony, and presence in the Christian life are all good but they will never produce the inward growth that only sound doctrine can. Without sound doctrine the Church will not stand firm in the days ahead.

    How can you pray if you do not know the Word? How can you defend your faith if you cannot be ready to give an account? How will you able to discern truth from falsehood? How will you be able to test what you hear?

    Doctrine matters. And yes, sometimes it even divides. That is not a Pharasaic thing but rather a ‘good’ thing. It draws the line between good and evil and makes the distinction between truth and falsehood.

    I don’t think that the importance of doctrine can EVER be overstated. There is way of living that conforms to the gospel and there is a way of living that runs contrary to the gospel.

    That was the whole point of this video.


  8. Hey Me,

    Dude or dudette, are you getting angry and trying push your thoughts down other peoples throats by linking people who disagree with you to words like, “puffed up,” “selfish,” and “pharisee.” By they end of your comment it appears that you had just engaged in “intellectual bullying,” and that anyone who disagrees with you must be “foolish.”

    Now I agree with you that on some doctrines it is okay for Christians to disagree, but lets be careful not to engage in the very thing we are condemning.

    Just an observation,



  9. Very true everyone has a doctrine and it is important that you define your doctrine. But be careful not think that because you have decided on your doctrine or interpenetration of the bible, that you are correct on everything and anyone operating outside of this is wrong. The Pharisee’s made this mistake.
    The problem is not that we don’t need a doctrine but we don’t need certain doctrines trying to push there thoughts down other peoples throats with puffed up intellectual bullying. The pharisee’s made that mistake too !
    It is not glorifying God and it doesn’t unite. God can’t be defined by our pathetic attempts to interpret his thoughts. Some things are obvious, Jesus is God, we need to be obedient to him and repent from sin, We need to love him with our hearts minds and souls, but there is a lot of other stuff that Scholars have argued over for many years, are you bold enough to say that you have the right answer ! on these matters. Give me a break,
    Repent from sin, confess Jesus as your savior and let the holy spirit guide you as you diligently meditate on the Word. But remember your flesh is in a constant battle to determine what you believe to be true for your own selfish satisfaction.
    Don’t be foolish enough to think that you can read the Bible like any other book. This is the Word of God! who can fathom his lofty ways.


  10. I stumbled upon this today. This is absolutely, 100% on point and timely.

    Today’s churches have veered away from the teaching of sound doctrine and have replaced truth with experience and entertainment. I cringe to think that if the apostle Paul were alive today many mainline evangelical churches would put their hand up and say, “That’s OK Paul, we got it. We don’t need doctrine. We just need Jesus or we just need the Holy Spirit.”

    Awesome post! Thx!


  11. Doctrine is important. In fact doctrine should be placed above prayer according to the Acts 2:42 model (Apostle’s doctrine first; then felloship; then breaking of bread; then prayer).
    If you do not have established doctrine then you would not know how to pray – We have not because we ask amiss.
    Then the aspect of a relationship with Christ:
    If you have Christ in you the hope of glory; then The Word which is Christ Himself will always complement each other.
    There we have to study the scriptures Christo-centrically.
    If the plain sense does not make common sense then seek another sense.
    All scripture is divinely inspired for reproof; discipline; doctrine; etc.
    We then ask the question: Does this scripture actually builds Christ in me – if it does not then it is a questionable doctrine and should not be used.
    We cannot separate Christ and His word or doctrine.
    I hope this makes sense.


  12. Having a relationship with christ is important but doctrine is what grounds you and it can’t be ignored.


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