How Much Hate Does it Take to Call Someone a Hater?

This is a short look at how some people are redefining the word “hate” and how this new definition is really self-refuting.  The reality is that there are those who hate on both sides of the issue, but it may just be that this redefinition of “hate” is an expression of hate itself.


  1. Dano,

    Thanks for the comment, and I appreciate your tone in making it. When I said that “To think that something is immoral, and want someone to change because you believe it will bring the wrath of God upon them, is not hate, that’s the definition of love.” I had this passage of Scripture in mind, “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. (1 Cor. 6:9-10)” There is a very real sense in which if someone continues to live a homosexual lifestyle (or any of the other sins listed in the verse) the rest of their lives, then scripture seems to indicate that they are not born of the Spirit of God. Though there is a sense in which sin is sin and all of it is worthy of the eternal wrath of God, let’s not forget that even Christ spoke of the “weightier matters of the law.” Some sins are weightier than others.

    This video set out to make one point, “telling people that they are in sin is not hatred, but love.” I am glad to see that you agree with that conclusion. It was not intended to be a presentation of the gospel. Unfortunately, what I find when it comes to the topic of homosexuality, is that many times people want to soft-peddle it in order to make people comfortable. This desire to soft-peddle tends to be driven by the outrage that is often unleashed by the homosexual community upon those who think their lifestyle is sinful. When we see this, many think, “oh no, we have offended them, they will never know we love them if we do that.” The problem with this type of thinking is that it usually assumes that the outrage is justified when in fact it is not. Often, the charges against Christians have nothing to do with the homosexuals actually being unloved, and have more to do with them not wanting anyone to tell them they are in sin. If we kowtow to these objections we are actually bowing in reverence to their sinful rebellion to the Word of God. I for one chose not to do this because I love them dearly and see them as totally depraved sinners, just like I was until I was brought to faith by the conviction of the Law, and told how Christ fulfilled the Law on my behalf and bore my wrath on the cross. It will not do to act like someone sins are small and then present the Gospel. Christ did not pay a meager price on a meager cross for someones meager sins. He paid the ultimate price, because our sin (mine and the homosexuals) are disgusting and need to be rejected not treated with kid gloves.



  2. Doug … truth & very well said. “To think that something is immoral, and want someone to change because you believe it will bring the wrath of God upon them, is not hate, thats the definition of love.” Completely accurate except for the entire premise that it is Homosexuality that separates me from God. So if I stop having sexual relations with same gender partners, somehow, I will be more acceptable in God’s eyes. I dont have to accept Christ, just become heterosexual, because heterosexuals arent as sinful, or rather, not as “immoral”, and are less condemned than homosexuals? I see a flaw in that doctrine. The flaw is basically that it’s not God’s view, but the Church’s view: Heterosexual sin is acceptable. Homosexual sin isnt. And what if the feelings are still there? What if I’m still tormented by same gender attraction, which by the generally accepted interpretation of Romans 1, still puts me at odds with my Creator. “I wouldnt be like this if God hadn’t abandoned me over to such filthy lusts. So whether I act on them or not, God is against me”. Do you realize that those you are trying to reach this way won’t feel more loved or more hope than before. Don’t get me wrong.. I mean I dont feel like you are a hater. In fact I know you arent a hater, but I do think this is a misrepresentation of the Gospel, and sin in general. This form of witnessing to homosexuals is a widely accepted practice which yields poor results… and for good reason. Not because homosexuals are more LOST, therefore more resistant than heterosexuals, but because this method identifies them as such. This type of relating only re-enforces one concept :Homosexuals are worse than heterosexauls, because heterosexuals are accepted by God and gays arent. If you want to reach someone with the Gospel, who identifies themself as GAY , dont draw attention to their sexuality. Talk to them as God sees them “one of HIS beautiful creations whom HE loves and wants to have a relationship with”. God will fix what he wants to fix in HIS timing. But He cant do anything until we enter the kingdom of light..


  3. Doug,

    Common man, you’re taking the fun out of the whole dialogue. What you are suggesting is that they would actually have to think before they spoke; and quite frankly, that’s hateful.


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