The Problem of Evil?

6 thoughts on “The Problem of Evil?

  1. That bit about only having one semester of philosophy was hilarious! We used to say that someone had taken just enough philosophy to be a danger to themselves and others.

    As for the main point of the video, poignant and true. Nice to point out that assuming the supremacy of man assumes that God isn’t sovereign. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. What a crap defense. If we assume that God is the Creator of life, it is God’s responsibility as an omnipotent, omniscient and good Being to resolve the existence of evil. It is not our responsibility. We did not make ourselves (at least from the perspective necessary when discussing the creation of an effective theodicy.) Interestingly, if we are responsible for creating God, then perhaps the onus falls upon us in the way that this not-terribly-deep thinking preacher supposes. (He would have benefited from a semester or two of philosophy.) The inability to manufacture a convincing theodicy is Christianity’s greatest philosophical failing. Augustine’s was limp, Ireaneus of Lyon’s was brilliantly creative and powerful, but ultimately unpersuasive since it only addresses the potential of human acts that cause suffering and not natural origins of suffering. It’s a sad thing that no Christian thinker in the so many centuries has topped Ireneus.


  3. Hey Duncan, Happy New Year, and sorry it’s late, or early…
    Just before going to bed I thought I’d ask you a maybe a too obscure question because you seem studied. It’s in the form of a story: If God Almighty sent a powerful king to the earth to establish a completely good and loving society wherein the sent king, by force, eliminated every source of evil — every selfish and stupid act, disease, and intention — but the people clearly rejected the rule and declared it totalitarian, who would be responsible for the continued evil that would result?
    Sorry, run on sentence… too hypothetical?


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