Gay Marriage: The Equality Diversion

Proponents of homosexual marriage are quick to argue that marriage is a right, and anything less than gay marriage is inequality under the law, but are they right? Since we agree on the first statement we will not spend time defending it, but instead we will focus our attention on the last statement, which argues that homosexuals are being denied a right to marry and are being treated unequally under the law.

To address this equality issue, we will simply ask and answer two questions; do homosexual people have the right to marry, and are they being denied that right? Homosexuals do have the right and should have the right to marry, and they have not, and are not, being denied that right. There is no law that says they cannot find someone of the opposite sex and marry them if they desire to do so. They are treated equally under the law.

Marriage is the union of one man and one woman, which is the basic building block of a family. There has never been a time when a homosexual has been denied this right, and pointing this out simply exposes the fact that equality is not the issue. What this is really about is a radically new definition of marriage. So the next time someone argues that homosexuals are looking for “equality for all,” lovingly remind them that they already have it, and that what they really want is something else.

If you are in California, vote yes on proposition 8

Doug Eaton

For a deeper legal analysis, here is an earlier post by Dean Donald McConnell of Trinity Law School…

2 thoughts on “Gay Marriage: The Equality Diversion

  1. It boggles my mind that no one is SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS:

    “It is NOT acceptable to have a fundamental right UP FOR A VOTE.”

    “It is NOT acceptable to have FUNDRAISERS to either PURCHASE a civil right OR to EXCLUDE American families FROM a civil right.”

    “Children are hurt by Marriage Inequality.”

    (the Christian Right thinks their children will be “traumatized” when faced with the REALITY of the existence of LGBT families; they have no idea

    what cruel traumas their family COULD experience if they lacked the rights & protections of civil marriage).

    Oh yeah, and also “No Taxation Will Happen UNTIL Representation”.


  2. John,

    You seem to be missing the entire point of the post. Gay marriage is not a fundamental right it is an oxymoron.


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