The Problem of the Belligerent Christian

Below are the two quotes that are given in the video…

“We should never come to such difference with true Christians without regret and without tears. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Believe me, evangelicals often have not shown it. We rush in, being very, very, pleased, it would seem at times, to find other people’s mistakes. We build ourselves up by tearing other people down. This can never show a real oneness among Christians.

There is only one kind of person who can fight the Lord’s battles in anywhere near a proper way, and that is the person who is by nature unbelligerent. A belligerent man tends to do it because he is belligerent; at least it looks that way. The world must observe that when we must differ with each other as true Christians, we do it not because we love the smell of blood, the smell of the arena, the smell of the bullfight, but because we must for God’s sake. If there are tears when we must speak, then something beautiful can be observed.”

-Francis Schaeffer, The Mark of A Christian-


“The great trouble is not that we love those who are not Christians too much, rather that we do not love them enough. If we really loved them, we should not be content with the relationship to them involved in the comparatively cold brotherhood of man, but we should long passionately, and by the preaching of the gospel we should make constant and earnest endeavour, to bring them in with us into the full intimacy of the household of God.

-J. Gresham Machen-


Doug Eaton

3 thoughts on “The Problem of the Belligerent Christian

  1. Amen to this video! This should reach to all Christians and be meditated upon with regrets for almost two millenniums now the Body of Christ has been fragmented to the point that one should be knowledgeable of his doctrine in order to stand against another. And the controversy continues to the detriment of the cause of the church. Because of this world evangelism has not been fulfilled and the Great Commission hang on the balance awaiting the change of its populace to eradicate schism which eat up relationship like crabs pulling each other. We call this in the Philippines ‘crab mentality'(when one is on top somebody pulls him back). Also true in our Christian society today, like crabs pulling each other by being belligerent trying to pen down others in order to gain membership, fame, respect? Is there a solution to this perennial spiritual dilemma? Theological supremacy has been the normal battle in Christendom as lawyers in a courtroom proving and disproving one another with the world in wonderment what will happen next and die without the gospel. As a Christian I am hurt,overawed with this unfolding events in Christianity oppose to the Lord’s Prayer in John 17. Thank you…


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