Trust Not in Yourselves, But in His Promise

Blessings to each of God’s elect this Lord’s Day!

I am about to partake of the bread and wine at the Lord’s Table. I have been struck anew at the privilege of being called a son of God. I am so thankful that He’s a friend to sinners (some), for I feel like I’m much more classified as a sinner than a son. 

So as I partake this morning, after much examination, I trust not in my own failures; I trust not in my own accomplishments; I certainly do not trust in my “righteous” acts, nor can I place my trust in my transgressions of His Law. No, friends, I trust in but one thing: God’s promise that He will save me to the uttermost by virtue of His imputed righteousness afforded me through His blood. For my good intentions, the greatest of my righteousness, my deeds…all of these are counted null and void due to the condition of my nature.

So I gladly cast away all thought and hope that might be found in myself…even my own feelings of inadequacy. I plead my fears and failures before the throne of grace and cast myself at the mercy of Christ, Who will save all those Who call upon His Name. Yes, it is in this objective fact that I place my trust; for God is not a liar, and He will save His sheep. He is my Shepherd. Child of God, if you have believed His promise then trust not in your own works or inward feelings. Trust in His promise.

Blessed be His Holy Name!

One thought on “Trust Not in Yourselves, But in His Promise

  1. Great is God and he who, who worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness.


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