10 Ways for Worship Leaders to Hinder the Church

Here’s another “10 Ways to Hinder” video blog especially for worship leaders


10 thoughts on “10 Ways for Worship Leaders to Hinder the Church

  1. Dan,

    Sounds like a whole new video to me, I may be stopping by with my camera to have you help me film it. 🙂



  2. Doug,

    How could you forget about jumping up and down? I often see a lot of worshipers jumping up and down while they’re singing on my TV. (If you watch such broadcasts laying on your side, by the way, these people look like human ping-pong balls. Really cool. But I digress…). I ask you, why just be filled with the Spirit, when you can also be blended too? Michael Jackson is known to serve Jesus juice to his “guests,” and I have a feeling this is how that brew is made. But I’ve never asked him that myself because I’m usually too distracted by his face. Even so, this liquid-intensive practice is not recommended right after communion, for obvious reasons. Nobody wants to turn pews into pee-ews, after all.

    And let’s not forget about all the physical benefits of jumping jack flash praise — it’s a gas, gas, gas. I mean, who has time to go to the gym on Sunday, especially when the preacher goes long, there’s a potluck (at least there always is for we Baptists) and a couple of big football games on right after church? Let’s get those pew potatoes ready to run the race!

    If you ever decide to update your top ten list, please consider my suggestion. Give ’em hope, make ’em hop!



  3. Doug,
    Great video and i will search for the others as well. I see this as great confession and intersession. I bet most worship leaders don’t fall into this trap on purpose. But, like most of us trying to live in His Kingdome that is smack in the middle of this world we miss the mark often.

    Thank you for his entertaining reminder of God’s heart.



  4. Hey Chuck,

    Using the word worship in an extremely limited sense was intentional. There would have been no way to limit the critique to “10 Ways” had I not, and I don’t think anyone would have wanted to sit through a post call “150 ways for the singing, prayer, communion, offering, confession, public scripture reading, sermon delivery leaders to hinder the Church.” 🙂

    Ultimately, I agree with you fully that worship is not only singing, and thank you for giving me ideas for a couple other videos. 🙂

    I have also done a few other “10 ways” post for pastors, youth leader, and church members.

    God Bless,



  5. A criticism! You talked only about music, as if the “Singing” part of the meeting was the only “Worship” part. You totally ignored other elements of a worship that need corrupting like prayer, communion, the offering, confession, public Scripture reading, the sermon itself. If you’re not careful, true worship might take place anyway even if the “worship team” follows all your instructions about the music.

    Now to be fair, most worship teams have already abandoned most of those elements of worship, or to the extent they are still practiced, they avoid recognizing them as worship or doing them in worshipful ways. So maybe you are safe in ignoring them.

    And, to be extra fair, point 4 does say “cut off all ties to the historic Christian church.” That could imply abandoning the non-music elements of worhip I listed. Still, what if they aren’t completely abandoned? Don’t you have ways we can do it worse, thereby hindering the Church??
    Come on Obiwan Doug-nobi, you’re our only hope.


  6. Thank you for this bit of humor. It kind of helped me relax while getting confused/frustrated on some important theological aspects of our faith. Well thank you very much, whoever you are


  7. haha—you’re so right. Unfortunately so many churches fall into the traps you listed in their quest to become more modern and culturally relevant. What I find especially annoying are those times when prior to communion, when we’re supposed to be examining our hearts and contemplating the sermon in silence, we’re instead distracted by loud blaring music. I must say I don’t know how you kept a straight face going through your list:)


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