Christian Thought in Higher Education and the C.S. Lewis Foundation

More potently than by any other means, change the university and you change the world.
-Charles Malik

This past Saturday night I had the opportunity to hear Dr. J. Stanely Mattson, Founder and President of the C.S. Lewis Foundation, address a few grad students (including myself) and faculty members of the University of Nebraska. It was an amazing evening of fellowship and encouragement as he recounted his own journey through the academic ranks, up to the founding of the C.S. Lewis Foundation. According to its website, the C.S. Lewis Foundation exists with one primary mission in mind: “enabling a genuine renaissance of Christian scholarship and artistic expression within the mainstream of the contemporary university.” For better or worse, its goal is not to “take back” the university for Christ, but merely to encourage the university to honor first its commitment to seeking truth, and second, its promotion of “diversity,” which up to now has included nearly all worldviews except the Christian worldview–the crazier the better (I don’t think I’m exceptionally cynical in saying that–I’m just a realist).

At any rate, the evening was a wonderful time, and merely served to get me even more excited for the upcoming National Faculty Forum in Boulder, CO:


You can look for a recap of the event on this blog within the days following the event.

Is anyone else going?

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